The check-in point for your patrons. After the Flex Check-In Host application has been configured, the Kiosk application can be run on an iOS, Android or Windows device to allow patrons to check-in to your establishment. Configuration is quick and easy as shown below.

Flex Check-In Kiosk is available from Google Play as well as the Mircrosoft and Apple app stores.

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Flex Check-In Stuite

Host Mode

WaitList Mode

Overveiw of Kiosk Mode Configuration

Step 1

Step 2

Enter the IP Address and port number from the Host applicaiton, found in the top right corner of the Flex Check-In Host application, then click the Next button.

Click on the Configure button found at the bottom of the Form tab. This will retreive all the check-in form information from the host application.

Network Configuraiton Retrieve configuraiton

Step 3

Step 4

It may take several minutes to retrieve the check-in form so please be patient.

After the check-in form has been retrieved, the details will appear. If this information is incorrect, please check the Host application configuration. If you make changes, refresh the Kiosk form configuation. If everything is correct click the Next button.

Retreiving configuraion Configuation retreived

Step 5

Step 6

Configure the check-in form PIN. (This is required.) Set the other options according to your needs.

Once the Kiosk app is configured for your needs, the home page of the Kiosk app will display.

Initial Configuration Error Network Configuration

Step 7

Step 8

To enter check in mode, click on the Check-In tab and enter the check-in PIN.

After entering the Pin, the Kiosk app will enter check-in mode. To begin a check-in, tap the Start Check-In button.

Initial Configuration Error Network Configuration

Step 9

Step 10

Your check-in form will appear. If the check-in form does not look correct, please double check the Host application and refresh the configuration information.

After the check-in form is complete, click the Check-In button to send the information to the Host.

Initial Configuration Error Network Configuration

Step 11

Step 12

You will see a 'Processing' message while the information is being sent to the host.

After the check-in has been received by the Host, a message indicating the check-in was received will display. This message will disappear after three seconds.

Initial Configuration Error Network Configuration

Step 13

Step 14

Exit Check-In mode (without restarting the device), by performing the tap sequence configured in step 5. The default configuration is H(eader) H(eader) F(ooter) F(ooter) H(eader) F(ooter). If you make a mistake, simply swipe left and right over the header several times and start the sequnce again. After the exit sequence, you will need to enter the check-in mode pin again.

After check-in mode has been exited, the Kiosk Home screen will display.

Initial Configuration Error Network Configuration

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