A subscription based suite of functionality that allows businesses to securely manage their check-in needs without access to the internet. Flex Check-In suite can run on its own isolated wifi network. Additionally, for security reasons, the base configuration of Flex Check-In suite does not write any data to your local devices

Flex Check-In Suite is available from the Microsoft Store, Google Play and Apple App Store with a FREE thirty (30) day trial. Reasonably priced subscripitons can be purchased directly within the appication once the trial expires.

Monthly Subscription: $14.99
3 Month Subscription: $39.99 (Greater than 5% discount)
6 Month Subscription: $80.95 (Greater than 10% discount)
1 Year Subscription: $139.99 (Greater than 20% discount)

View details on Flex Check-In Suite and it modes

Host Mode

Kiosk Mode

WaitList Mode

Flex Check-In Suite Main Menu

Step 1

This is the main menu of the Flex Check-In Suite. Here you decide what mode to start on your device. (NOTE: There MUST be one device running in host mode for all other modes to work correclty.)

Main Menu

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