Allows patrons to check-in on their device once connected to the same network running the Flex Check-In Host application.

Flex Self Check-In is available from Google Play and well as the Microsoft and Apple App Stores.

Overveiw of Self Check-In Application Setup

Step 1

Step 2

Choose to 'Scan, Connect and Check-In" or simply manually connect to the Flex Check-In wifi network, then tap on the 'Scan and Check-In' button.

Once the Flex Check-In Host application is found, the Check-In form will be downloaded to your device.

Begin Self Check-In Retrieving Check-In form from host

Step 3

Step 4

Once the Check-In form is ready, you can select to either 'Start Check-In' or 'Exit Self Check-In'

If you tap the 'Start Check-In' button, the establishment's check-in form will display on your device.

Start check-in or exit Complete check-in form

Step 5

After submitting your check-in, a notice that you have been checked in will display. This message will disappear after three seconds.

Check-in comlpete

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