A subscription based app that is the central component of the Flex Check-In suite of applications. It is needed in order to utlize any other Flex Check-In suite applications including Kiosk, WaitList and Self Check-In. Flex Check-In host is where you configure your orgnaization's check-in form data and appearance that will be utilized in the Kiosk app. You can also configure which information will appear on each type of WaitList (Public, Private or Filtered) and generate the QR code needed for customers to us in the self check-in app.

Flex Check-In Host is available from the Microsoft app store with a FREE thirty (30) day trial. Subscripitons can be purchased directly within the appication once the trial expires.

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Flex Check-In Stuite

Kiosk Mode

WaitList Mode

Overveiw of Host Mode Configuration

Step 1

Step 2

When the Flex Check-In Host launches, an alert screen will display. Click Continue to proceed.

Since the Flex Check-In Host data never leaves your establishment, you will need to select the IP Address assigned to the computer running the Host application.

Initial Configuration Error Network Configuration

Step 3

Step 4

Select a network port that is open on the computer running the Host application. (Port 8080 is often open on computers that are not running a web server.)

You can configure the appearance of your check-in form by adding custom colors or using the predefined colors.

Select a port Configure appearance

Step 5

Step 6

Set the header of the check-in form to use either text or an image as well as a solid or gradient background.

Set the style of the check-in form by selecting a background color or gradient, text color and button colors.

Initial Configuration Error Network Configuration

Step 7

Step 8

Enter and style desired footers.

Enter the information to collect on the check-in form. You can choose from a large number of pre-defined fields as well customize your own. All fields allow setting a caption.

Initial Configuration Error Network Configuration

Step 9

Step 10

An example of a custom field is Time. Time field supports caption, display format and required status.

A list field is needed to utilize a Filtered WaitList. (See Flex Check-In WaitList app.) Enter the caption and supply options that fit your needs.

Initial Configuration Error Network Configuration

Step 11

Step 12

Once all of your check-in fields have been added, you can drag and drop the fields into your prefered order.

View a sample of the check-in form by clicking the Sample button at the bottom of the screen.

Initial Configuration Error Network Configuration

Step 13

Step 14

Designate the appearance of the Public WaitList header and body.

Designate what information will appear on the Private, Public and Filtered WaitLists.

Public WaitList stylingr Configure Public, Private and Filtered WaitList inforamtion.

Step 15

Step 16

The Host can automatically clear check-ins from the WaitList after a specified amount of time. You can keep un-cleared check-ins between Host session by enabling the save option.

If you included a list, you can enable a Filtered WaitList and change if the filter value should be in the Host.

Initial Configuration Error Network Configuration

Step 17

Step 18

Once configuration is complete, you will see the Main Menu.

From the main menu, access other areas such as the multi-language setup.

Network Configuration Network Configuration

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