Personalized Software Solutions is a small technology business specializing in cross platform mobile application development. Our approach allows for the re-use of between 60 and 100 percent of the code across platforms. This helps to reduce the cost of defect resolution as once the defect is fixed in the code, it is fixed on all platforms that share the code.

Our breadth of mobile application development ranges from local apps that do no required an internet connection, to apps which send and retrieve data to Web-APIs hosted on the internet. Our approach for the architecture of the application solution takes your business needs and the security of information being gathered into account.

GBar Scene
This application has a single code base sharing 100% of the code across all operating systems. The application runs on iOS, Android and Windows and can be found in the corresponding app stores. The application uses a device's location information to retrieve data via a Web-API and then display that data to the user.
Flex Check-In
Soon to be released, this suite of applications has components that run on Windows, Android and iOS with 95% of the code coming from a single code base. The entire suite of applications run on your local network allowing effective opperation without an internet connection.

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